The artist Anike Joyce Sadiq invites you to respond to an online survey which is live as of May 21 at 7pm. Please use the individualized code you already received for accessing the survey. This code is non-transferable. Once the respondent has submitted their survey the code is no longer operational and the survey is closed. The entire process ensures that each respondent’s identity and their survey responses remain completely anonymous.


Drawing on her experiential research, as well as her interests in diversity, equity, and inclusion work, Sadiq conceptualized and wrote each of the survey questions, as well as the multiple-choice answers for this questionnaire. For each question, respondents are asked to please choose one option from a list of possible answers. While the survey reflects on the status quo and demographics—the racially-specific, gender-specific, class-specific relations—that currently constitute the institution in question, Sadiq does not intend for the survey to be a scientific/sociological demographics study. Rather Sadiq asks these questions in her own voice, from a position of asking that is deeply personal and interpersonal.


The survey and database of survey results will be maintained indefinitely as an openly accessible (yet anonymous) online platform, with Sadiq distributing the survey to art institutions in various different contexts while updating language and other accessibility features to the website as the platform is more widely distributed.